I have too many things to say.

My relationship with writing began with my first blog, which I created as a means to communicate creatively with my long-distance partner. This was unfortunately less sexual than it sounds, but it did spark an artistic enthusiasm which has since been channelled into what some may refer to as: an actual writing career.

I still love blogging, and you can find all of my blogs right here.

let's try this phd thing

When I started my PhD in Medical Genetics, I created this blog to document my research findings. It instead rapidly devolved into an account of my harrowing experiences of science and life in general, and gathered itself an audience of similarly mournful PhD students.


From movie reviews to  essays, the Rambles blog is where I keep all my more personal...rambles.


Experts have estimated that 97% of Chloe's sentences spoken out-loud begin with a podcast reference.  Unfortunately, everyone stops listening after that.