I love working alongside fascinating entrepreneurs and researchers to help them tell their story to whoever wants to hear it. While I always embrace an opportunity to learn, I currently specialise in the following subject areas:


Medical Research

I completed my Medical Genetics PhD in 2017, and throughout my training I worked with oncologists, clinical trial coordinators, pathologists, and research leaders. I have a keen appreciation for the multi-disciplinary nature of medical projects, and of course the extensive scientific knowledge involved.


IoT and Smart Cities

In 2017-8, I managed the communications, PR and marketing strategy an engineering consultancy specialising in IoT and smart city tech. I worked closely with engineers to develop an understanding of the technology as well as the cultural context of this growing field.


Renewable Energy

One of my major clients specialises in the renewable energy space, and I work with them on an ongoing basis to develop collateral outlining the value of their research to investors, partners, and the wider community.


Higher Education

I work with a number of research institutions. I specialise in translating complex academic ideas into engaging research stories, tailored to a desired audience (for example: grant reviewers, prospective students, potential project collaborators).


STEM Teaching

I have worked with school teachers and students, as well as with educational resource developers, to improve understanding of STEM subjects across high schools and primary schools. I even ran my own science-party business for a while!