Dr chloe warren is a communications professional. she finds it tricky to communicate what that means, but this in no way reflects how great she is at communicating. probably.

Maximising Productivity

Hello all.

So I finally started working in the lab, I have four cancer cell lines going, and they need tending to several times a week. I'm also due to start a set of PCRs and some drug treatments on my cells.

However, technically I'm not in the lab 'full time'; I still have half an hour/ an hour here and there with which to do other productive stuff. 

Stupidly, I had previously assumed that I could make the most of this time by dipping in and out of reading and writing. I work best when I DON'T try and read for 3 or 4 hours solid, so I thought only having 1/2 an hour or an hour to spare would be a perfect window for reading.

Obviously, my brain doesn't feel the same way I do, and I am finding it really hard to jump in and out of different focus modes. i.e. don't stab yourself with a lysing needle - what's the latest contribution to personalised medicine theory? - don't put your cells in the waste pot - is this paper worth my attention?...etc.

So, if there is anyone out there, could I get some ideas/ tips/ anecdotes about how to make the most of my 'spare time' at work?

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