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Sneaking Around

Just a quickie.

So, my project took a bit of a turnaround this week when we FINALLY got access to our microarray software. We saw the same stuff we were seeing in our cancer cell line data, but in actual tumours. So now, my priority is to validate this in the tumour tissue, instead of in the treated cell lines.

Anyway, after all this (and having to write it all up for my mid-year progress report, then in an abstract for an upcoming conference), I got pretty excited to get cracking with the work. Only problem was, it was Friday evening before I knew it and I would have to wait until Monday until I could back in the lab. Unless...I came in at the weekend.

I tried to sneak out of my flat on Saturday morning, but my new room-mate caught me and asked where I was going. 

"Oh...into work...?"

"What? Why?"

"Well...things are getting kind of exciting and I'm pretty keen to get some results."

"Oh that's awesome news! Good for you!"


I don't know why I wasn't expecting his support (he's a scientist too). But it plastered a smile on my face, and (even though all my experiments failed that day) I'll be keeping that moment in my memory bank for a while to come. It IS awesome! It IS good for me!


Humble Pie

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