Dr chloe warren is a communications professional. she finds it tricky to communicate what that means, but this in no way reflects how great she is at communicating. probably.

Sometimes Marc Maron Says Things

“How long does this exorcism take?(...) You’re always gonna come up against yourself eventually, and you’re always gonna come back to the same place. You think you’ve gone through some changes, you think you’ve made some progress, and you probably have. But then that old feeling comes back. Oh fuck, what, this is IT? (…)Yes, this IS it. But it was no different than when you were feeling good a day or two ago, when you felt great about that thing you did.(…)I just don’t know why those things don’t get cataloged properly. Once you start cataloging the good things, or the progress you’re making, you shouldn’t have to regress back to the shit zone!...I don’t want to be the guy who spins the same plates all day and repeats the same cycles. Something’s gotta give. I mean, I gotta cure cancer or something. (…)Though I guess that’s a pretty high expectation of myself. I mean I don’t even have a Bunsen burner.” -Marc Maron (who sometimes says things)

(This whole episode was wonderful, and it made me openly sob on public transport. But then that's not unusual.)

(I love Allie Brosh)


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