Dr chloe warren is a communications professional. she finds it tricky to communicate what that means, but this in no way reflects how great she is at communicating. probably.

Making Social Media Work For Your Career

Hey there everyone. So since becoming more active on twitter and writing regularly for this blog, a lot of doors have opened for me. I think that's pretty neat and I'd love to share my stories and advice. Heaps of other women working in science have had similar experiences with social media and some of us (@startupshelley @djmarsh24 @bridianne and Victoria Hollick) are going to sit on the panel at this Franklin Women event. If you're interested in attending on 24th June in Sydney, please tweet me @cfawarren, @franklinwomen or email melina@franklinwomen.com.au.

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Mission: Birthday Party

Love, Trust, Science and Ducks

Love, Trust, Science and Ducks