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Newcastle IoT Pioneers: my entrepreneurial, imaginative, engineering-y PodPals

Newcastle IoT Pioneers: my entrepreneurial, imaginative, engineering-y PodPals

Who are the Newcastle IoT Pioneers?

Thanks to the efforts of Newie Ventures’ Heath Raftery, the Newcastle IoT Pioneers meet once a month to nerd-out over various topics related to Newy’s  rapidly growing local tech community.

While, of course, the Internet of Things is pretty central to most of the conversations we have, it’s not unusual for our discussions to touch on broader related subjects: like data security, STEM education, diversity and inclusion, innovation, entrepreneurship…the list goes on.

Not surprisingly, with podcasts being an inherently geeky medium, I have a fairly long list of podcasts I could recommend to this haphazard group of tech enthusiasts. I’m going to narrow it down to four though, because it’s already been 8 months since my last blog post so we should probably get this show on the road.

What should the Newcastle IoT Pioneers be listening to?

Crazy/ Genius

From lab-made meat to self-driving cars, The Atlantic’s Crazy/Genius has got all your futuristic bases covered. Never one to skip on the technical details, the podcast takes an ethical standpoint without straying too far from real-world plausibility.

As well as diving into some pretty gritty subject matter (what would immortality mean for humanity?), the show welcomes a multitude of guests from across Silicon Valley and academia.

The IoT Pioneers should listen because…engineers are making the things and having the ideas which will shape the world of tomorrow. They should probably have a think about what this means for the bigger picture.


Without Fail

Anyone who has tried to define podcasting to a digital media newbie has probably struggled to answer the common question, “But how do people make money from it?”

CEO of  Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg, has shaken up the podcasting model with his digital media flagship. But, like many CEOs, it wasn’t his love for business that got him where he is today. While he’s driven by hard-work and a love of storytelling, he’s still got a lot to learn about running an organisation.

With each episode of Without Fail, Alex interviews a fellow risk-taker (from journalism to athleticism), on a mission to find out some of the best ways to fail.

The IoT Pioneers should listen because…anyone doing anything interesting is going to make some mistakes eventually, so you may as well learn from it.

“I built my Roladex by clinking champagne glasses all the way to f*cking bankruptcy."

Without Fail - Sophia Amoruso: From Nasty Gal to Girlboss

Planet Money

Planet Money has been popping up in my podcast chart lists for many, many years. However, I never bothered to download: with the logo and name combined, it might as well be called Team America: Capitalism Police. Well, colour me judgey.

Yes, there can be a fair amount of stock market and trade talk, but there is also a wider economics perspective – a perspective which often takes into account tech, energy, innovation, and digital media. Each weekly episode is often informed by current news headlines: it’s a great way to delve deeper on stories which might otherwise escape you periphery.

One of my favourite episodes is, “Inventing Accidents” – it examines how companies  value innovation and ‘random’ creativity…but how accidents might be a difficult thing to incentivise.

The IoT Pioneers should listen because…if economics stories get interesting, you’ll find them here.

The Internet of Things Podcast

If you enjoy Heath’s monthly IoT roundup, you’ll probably enjoy this weekly IoT news pod. The show format is pretty basic – just two hosts catching up on all the latest IoT news. While the snippets that I have heard are quite US-centric, there is still some useful stuff in there, and it seems to top-out a lot of IoT podcast lists, so I’d recommend listening if you’re interested in staying up to date with the field.

The IoT Pioneers should listen because…it means you can show up 10 minutes late to an IoT meeting and not worry about missing something.

Julia: my multilingual, smarty-pants, biscuit loving PodPal

Julia: my multilingual, smarty-pants, biscuit loving PodPal