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Genevieve: my artistic, home-buying, family-planning PodPal

Genevieve: my artistic, home-buying, family-planning PodPal

Who is Genevieve?

Genevieve is a nice lady in her late 20s. She’s hoping to start a PhD in Fine Arts very soon, and she’ll be studying and working along the same lines as her Masters degree. Throughout this degree she examined funereal objects, and, as far as I know, she explored this theme using photography, installation works and textiles-based media.

Genevieve and her husband have just got approval for a home loan, so they’re looking to buy a house. They want to start a family, and though they love their city-central apartment, they’ll be moving out further into regional Australia so they can afford a house with a yard (and isn’t a shed).

Genevieve also likes beer and food. She’s a vegetarian, but she doesn’t like animals (??). She currently works two jobs in two different art galleries, and is one of the few people I know who isn’t on social media.

What should Genevieve be listening to?

The Pineapple Project

This one’s a newbie (-ish) courtesy of the ABC’s $1 million podcast fund. Hosted by comedian Claire Hooper, each episode tackles a different aspect of personal finance management. But guess what, guys? It’s not boring!

This one’s mostly aimed at women (did you know that women retire with, on average, 50% less super than men?!), but I actually listened along with my husband and it’s sparked a lot of important conversations. There are weekly goals and challenges you can set yourself if you’re feeling particularly invested (ha. ha.)

It’s informative without being dull, it’s accessible without being patronising.

Genevieve should listen because…buying a house is confusing as fuck.

A Piece of Work

As far as I can tell, there’s only one season of this one (booo!), but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another in the works. Follow Abbi Jacobson (of Broad City fame), as she pairs up with a different celebrity each episode and guides them through New York’s MoMa (my favourite place in the whole world) and the many dimensions of modern art.

Abbi is an artist herself (not just as a comedian and actor, but she’s an illustrator too), having studied fine arts and video production at uni – gal’s not just a pretty face. She’s a great host for each guest to bounce off, and she’s got plenty to offer to the conversation, too.

I don’t know if Genevieve is already a fan of Broad City, but if she isn’t, she will hopefully be inclined to watch it after falling in love with Abbi Jacobson (which she obviously will).

Genevieve should listen because….ART.


The Longest Shortest Time

I started listening to this one after my sister got pregnant with my nephew, Oliver. I’d honestly never thought much about parenting, so I figured I’d start out in my favourite place – Podland.

Irritating adverts aside (just skip ‘em, honestly), the show manages to talk about parenting without being sickening and twee. SHOCKING.

It features so many diverse voices and perspectives (listen out for the Accidentally Gay Parents episodes…or just head to those ones if you’re feeling impatient) on what it’s like to be a parent – or to try and be one.

The show deals with all the usual parenting stuff, as well as some of the lesser talked about topics – infertility, birthing injuries, extramarital affairs, race and “white guilt”, adoption, disability, and the history of childbirth.

Genevieve should listen because…it’s pretty reassuring to know that no-one’s quite got this whole parenting malarkey quite figured out…so go forth and multiply!

How about a wild card?

Note to Self: Messages From the Beyond

I haven't properly spoken to Genevieve about her decision to stay away from social media, but I'm going to assume it was a conscious decision (then again, maybe she just hates technology?). Note to Self explores technology through the lens of human-ness. What is all this connectivity doing to our behaviours, our expectations and, or course, our privacy?

This particular episode explores the place of tech and social media in something we will all experience, yet rarely think about in this context (or, ever): death.

Not surprisingly, this one's pretty intense, but I think Genevieve would find it fascinating considering her academic areas of expertise.







Alex: my argumentative, poetic, patriarchy-smashing PodPal

Alex: my argumentative, poetic, patriarchy-smashing PodPal