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The differences between extra virgin, light and pure olive oil

This article was originally published on ABC Life.

(Pexels: Pixabay)

(Pexels: Pixabay)

When it comes to "fats" it can be difficult to pick apart fact from fiction.

Coconut oil promotes weight loss (unlikely). Butter protects against cancer (not exactly). Eating fats makes you fat (oh, dear).

For decades we were warned off all fats, but now it's clear that some of them are an essential component in a healthy diet.

Fats, oils and how much you need

We all need a certain amount of fat in our diet. It gives us energy, stops us from feeling hungry, keeps us warm and our organs safe, and our bodies use fatty acids to produce hormones and neurotransmitters (chemical messengers), and to absorb some vitamins.

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